Monday, 30 June 2008

Promises, Promises

My apologies for such a huge time gap between posts. Much of the reason can be found here.

So, the government are yet again promising a better deal for carers, by doubling the amount of respite care available. This is going to cost them a whopping £150 million.

But hang on a minute, weren't we promised something similar around the same time last year? At that time £25 million was being invested into emergency respite care.

I haven't seen any of it, have you? In fact, during that past year I have been involved in an ongoing complaint with our local NHS Trust about cutbacks in respite services. So where does all this money go?

I have only one thing to say regarding these shallow promises...

Yeah, you sing it Stevie!


maz said...

Hi, I too am very sceptical that we will see any real changes which will benfit us in the long run.

Carers, have been let down so much by government haven't they.

maz x

Mr Mans Wife said...

Yes they have. The government seem very fond of quoting figures but they very rarely equate to anything substantial in real terms. They do the same with Mental Health.

Thanks for commenting Maz.